6 FREE Tips to Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns for Contractors & Remodelers

Facebook Ads can help grow your Facebook page, create more engagement with your posts (likes & comments) and drive more traffic to your website.

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1. Use High Quality Images

Use high resolution images to grab the attention of potential customers. Images with bright colors or beautiful high quality photos will grab the users attention.

2. Rotate & Refresh Ads

Update your ad graphics every week or two. Change it up so you get more clicks for those ad dollars. You don’t want your target audience overlooking your business because they have seen the same ad too many times.

3. Include A Call To Action (CTA)

Include a call to action that offers something to your customers or tells them what you want them to do. For example, visit our website or get a free quote or download this whitepaper.

4. Think About Who You’re Targeting

Facebook targeting is more than just location. While it’s important to think about geographic targeting as well as age and gender make sure to use the interests and connection options to hone in on your ideal customer. Think about your best current customers and use Facebook’s interest targeting to choose specific items your customers would be interested in.

5. Use Colors Besides White & Blue

Facebook’s graphics are white and blue. So, if you use white and blue in your ads they will blend in with the website. Use bright colors or create a colored border around your ad so they pop out and are most visible.

6. Photos of Happy, Funny, Pets & Kids

Images of smiling beautiful people, cute pets, really cute babies and kids and funny images. A Funny, cute or odd image can seriously increase your conversion rates. Why? Because we tend to look at them for a bit longer or even do a double take.