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Let’s Talk About SEO


Let’s Fix Your SEO, Put a Strategy in Place and
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We know that many SEO firms are not affordable for small businesses. We also know you’ve probably gotten emails and phone calls from SEO companies that might seem a bit shady.

We want you to have a great experience with the SEO firm you work with, see results and stay within the price range of a small business marketing budget. You also need to be able to get monthly reports of progress and have discussions regarding strategy for local SEO, so you know what’s going on.[/text_block]

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Evaluation and Strategy

Our SEO strategies are focused on successful inbound marketing. SEO is used to attract visitors, but it’s also important that you generate leads, nurture leads to sales, and then continue to delight customers after the sale.

SEO Best Practices

We stay knowledgable about the industry so you don’t have to. With Google constantly making changes to its search algorithms, it helps to have an expert to make sure your SEO strategy is keeping up. SEO cannot be a set-it-and-forget-it strategy.Through continuous reporting, we’ll make expert recommendations to ensure your ROI sees steady improvement.

On and Off Page SEO

Just having content is not enough. Having quality content allows a search engine to understand your site and helps you grow inbound links (a huge factor in your SEO).

Local Business SEO

The most important thing to a local business is being found when someone searches for you. Let;s face it, if your business does not show up for something you could be dead in the water. We make sure your websites are optimized for local results.




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Monthly SEO Packages Include:

Here’s a break-down of what you get with our full SEO program.


  • Monthly Ranking and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Report.
  • Organic Link Building and Listings Optimization.
  • Keyword Tracking Sheet with Positions and Ranking Update.
  • Google Doc System to Save and Store Data.
  • Monthly Strategy and Discussions.
  • Monthly Action Lists to Fix One Time SEO Fixes Properly.
  • Inbound Link Strategy and Internal Interlinking Recommendations.
  • Domain Authority and Page Authority Monitoring.
  • User Engagement and Website User Experience Recommendations.
  • Weekly Updates and Monthly Calls to Fine Tune SEO Strategy.

Working with Todd is a pleasure and he has helped me get to point B much quicker than if I tried to do things myself. He is able to understand SEO at a glance, what businesses need for online marketing, website and what SEO services will be best for the job. Todd is a business coach that has the background of a marketing expert. I recommend working with him one on one for great results.

Fred Schuster

Fred Schuster
Hotel & Timeshare Broker & Consultant, CPA, Expert Witness


Todd is a genius and is my go to guy when I need to gain traction in business, SEO’s, web development or in social media platforms. Todd listens and can develop a plan of attack immediately. He is a sincere human and I feel secure with recommending him to anyone. If you want cutting edge education and direction…ask Todd.

Jen Schmidt

Jen Schmidt
Residential & Commercial Agent of PL Real Estate


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]Get the business you are missing out on just because you don’t understand what to do next to better the SEO on your website. Let us help you fully optimize your website on and off page assets for page one results and better brand recognition.[/text_block]