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I want to introduce myself, my name is Todd Meisler I have a local business called ZD Design Agency. I consult and coach business owners on how to create a better optimized website, create more leads and get in front of more potential customers online. I also write and speak about the areas of expertise I have listed below. Being new to the SDBJ, I want to learn more about your business so I am offering a free 1/2 hour consulting call to help you with your business. During the call we will discuss how to get you over the hurdles you may be facing with online marketing and website optimization. I am confident I can help you and we can cover a lot in 30 minutes, I promise to give you some ideas to fast track your marketing, I just need you to commit to a day and time.

My background is in the following areas: SEO and Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Advertising and Online Strategies to get you more visible online. Please look at the calendar below and take a half hour to speak with me about your goals for 2015! I will take the time if you will… Read my 55 recommendations on Linkedin to see how I help others here.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Todd Meisler
CEO at ZD Design in San Diego